Our Mission

  • To empower every client to Live a life of absolute freedom
  • To empower every client with Abundant Money and Time
  • To provide skills and tools for trading independently


Our Vision

  • To provide simplistic and profitable trading ideas
  • Practical and mechanical trading systems with no discretion or judgement involved


Know Your Trainer

Shashidhar B S

A passionate trader with over 5 years of experience. Trades in all Segments (FNO, Equity, Commodity and Currency) and in all timeframes.

Simplicity rules and we offer only simple and most practical trading ideas which serves everyone alike.

Purpose of this institute is to help people learn the skills that actually works to make money in the market and to use the power of compounding to become and stay RICH.

Shashidhar has attended trainings from the best in the market, below are few legends;

 ALEXANDER ELDER – Best Known for his work on MACD

 ANDREW CARDWELL – Best known for his work on RSI and its Unconventional Usage

 CHARLES SCHAAP – Best known for his work in ADX(ADXcellence)

 STEVE NISON – Best known for Candlesticks work. Trainer has taken Advanced Course of Candlesticks by Steve Nison.

 VISHAL MALKAN – Known as India’s best trainer on Technical Analysis. Trainer has taken all his courses (Star Trader Program, Millionaire Trader, Money Flow Trader and Options Mastery)

The Goal of a Successful Trader is to make the best Trades. Money is Secondary.

Alexander Elder

Investing in yourself is the best investment you make in your life

Warren Buffet

The simpler it is, the better I like it.

Peter Lynch